On-Campus Jobs for SDSU Students

7 Best Ways to Get On-Campus Jobs for SDSU Students

Getting On-Campus Jobs for SDSU Students Can be challenging. But, Campus jobs can be a great way to get experience in your field and make some money while you’re still in school if you’re looking for a job while you’re in SDSU, you’re in luck. There are a number of on-campus jobs that are available to students.

Here are some of the most common SDSU on-campus jobs for students

7. Briggs Library

If you are still in SDSU or just getting started then you might have heard about/visited the Briggs Library where you can find thousands of books or book a room and study there. A lot of students visit every day to get books, print, etc and for some small work, they need someone to look around that. So, it’s a great opportunity to get a job at the library. To apply for the job just ask someone at the desk and fill out an application form and they will revert you back.

6. Student Union

Union is the place where all the students hang out and meet, events happen, restaurants, etc therefore there are a lot of people, and jobs are required for some small work like managing at the entrance for an event, lifting and shifting tables, and chairs. Likewise, there are multiple jobs available On-Campus for SDSU students. You can ask at the front desk of Union and fill out the application.

5. Dorms On-Campus Jobs for SDSU

Yes, you have heard it right the dorms also have some jobs like Community Assistant (CA)or Office Assistant (OA). For CA you will need to manage small things on your floor if someone needs to help you will need to assist them and the best part is you will not have to pay for your living in the dorm. If you get a job at OA you will need to be at the front desk and provide some general stuff to students. You can ask any dorm to get an application.

4. Restaurants in the Student Union

As you know there are a lot of restaurants in the union and every student visit there for a meal. There are multiple restaurants in the union and they need students to help them for preparing food, take orders, chief, etc. The best part is that you can get free food if you work at any of the restaurants. You can find an application in the union to apply.

3. On-Campus for SDSU students at Wellness Center

No doubt SDSU wellness center is an attraction to the students for gymming, swimming, running, sports, classes, etc. The wellness center does have some job opportunities for a front desk where you just need to ask people to show id and provide them with basic things. You can ask at the front desk of the wellness center for the job application.

2. International Department at Briggs Library

The international department is located in the Briggs library which helps international students with campus activities, helping with status, etc. There are certain jobs that are available at the international department like front desk and picking students. You can ask for a job application at the front desk.

1. Caldwell Hall

There are some jobs where you have to do some basic cleaning in dorms and arrange things. You can check Caldwell Hall for the job application as they might have a lot more jobs.

Do you know any other place at SDSU to get on-campus jobs for students? if yes do comment below.

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