No.1 Easy Way to Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Multiplying and dividing decimals means doing multiplication and division of decimal numbers. This can be achieved by doing normal multiplication and then placing decimal points.

Multiplying and dividing decimals: Multiplying decimals

Multiplying and dividing decimals - multiplication
Multiplying decimals

To do the multiplication follow just three steps.

  1. Do normal multiplication without decimal points
  2. Count the number of digits after decimal points
  3. Apply this count to the product and place the decimal point moving from left to right.

Say for example,

Multiplying and dividing decimals - decimal multiplication
Multiplying and dividing decimals – decimal multiplication

Step 1: Multiplying without decimals, 203 x 1 = 203

step2: The number of digits after the decimal point in 20.3 is 1 and in 0.1 is 1. Total number of digits after decimal point = 1+1= 2

step 3: Place the decimal point before two digits counting from right to left which becomes 2.03

If you consider another example of multiplication 0.01 x 0.01.

since there are 2 decimal digit in the first factor (0.01) and 2 decimal digit in the second factor (0.01)—for a total of four decimal digits—your result must contain four decimal digits. 1 x 1 = 1 and 0.01 x 0.01 = 0.0001

How do decimals move when you divide the number?

hackonmath division basics
Division basics

The above figure explains that a is called the dividend, b is the divisor and c is the Quotient

Two steps that need to be followed to get the division correct

Division of decimal point rules
Rules of decimal point division

Do the normal division as you do but when you take down the number after the decimal, you should put the decimal point in the quotient.

hackonmath - division of decimal numbers
Decimal numbers division

In the above example, 24/12 gives 2 so write 2 in the quotient

now 6 which is taken down is written after the decimal point in the dividend so put the decimal point after 2 in the quotient and continue the division ahead.

If the above method seems confusing you can write 24.60 as 2460 x 10-2 and then divide 2460/12 and multiply the quotient with 10-2. This should give you the same result

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